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Organic farming


Organic farming principles

Organic agriculture is based on:

The principle of health
The principle of ecology
The principle of fairness
The principle of care


We are not nice unless we are paid to be nice

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Kyse Weather

Kyse weather forecast

Our camera was ruined, so we only have few pictures from this summer

We are finishing picking apples. There are still a few tons left. The harvest has been great this year with big nice looking apples.

We have loads of apples.
Really nice for breakfast and dessert.

But hard to sell

We are still working hard to find someone to buy our tasty juice

We are drinking wonderful apple juice and eating dried apples+ all the berries.

The sales has gone up significantly, so we may have a surplus for the first time
The new willow cleaning system is working well
Own shit and pee on own ground

In january we moved out of our dining room kitchen and livning rooms.
They moved 60 t of soil out. The rooms have been rebuild and much better insulated.
You can hardly recognise them.
Around july we started to move back, but that is not totally finished.
We have a new kitchen and some much more opem rooms.

You must come and help us enjoying the juice and dried apples

And taste our fantastic apple juice.

See Kyse weather on the links below the Kysøko banner.
See our website KysØ (in danish)

Anders is on facebook. Use email: to find him

There are more than 40000 pictures on this website

Come and join us for farm work.
It is manual work, but fun

See for conditions

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